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Copper Aluminum cans Metal scrap

You'll get hassle-free scrap metal service

Whether you are looking to drop off material or are in the market to buy some, RSM Company will meet your needs. We offer complete scrap metal service  - get in touch with us for details!

• Iron and sheet

• Aluminum cans

• All other aluminum

• Stainless steel

• Copper

• Brass

• Batteries

• All bare metals

Accepting most scrap metals for your convenience

We have been a scrap metal business since 1947 - providing you with personal and reliable service when it comes to your scrap metal needs.


If you need to bring your scrap into our yard, our friendly employees will usually unload all of the material for you using our forklifts and cranes. We want to make it as easy on you as possible!

You won't have to worry about the heavy lifting

Give us a call for

scrap metal pricing



We have a certified scale in our facility, so you can be sure that your scrap is weighed precisely and you are getting the right price.